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Daily Log & Annual Reports

Daily Log

This activity log provides a snapshot of incidents investigated by our officers, as well as their general location and incident report numbers. Privacy concerns or ongoing investigations may require that certain incident codes (i.e. Sex Crimes and Drug Information) are not included in this report, so this list should not be considered a complete representation of our activities.

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Annual Reports

At least annually, we produce a report that details our activities during the previous calendar year. Other reports can also be found here, including one that details our most recent, comprehensive community survey.

2016 Community Survey Report

2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2012 Community Survey Report

2011 Annual Report

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2009 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report

Press Narratives

Officers responded to Elm St for a report of a noise complaint, but the address given by the complainant didn't exist. It was learned the caller knowingly called in a crime that didn't occur. The caller was arrested and charged with false reporting.

An officer saw a vehicle speeding 32mph in a 20mph zone. He was stopped and cited.

Officers received a complaint about a possible drunk driver. The car was found on E Cherry St and stopped. Officers did an investigation and arrested the driver for DUI.

Caller reported loud music coming from a neighboring apartment building. Officers were able to locate the suspect apartment because of the loud music. The renter immediately agreed to turn down the music.

Caller requested a welfare check on a friend who had recently been released from a care facility and was not answering her phone. Officer located the woman who was alright.

Caller requested officers check the welfare of an her mother whose car had broken down. She was awaiting a tow but the daughter was concerned about the cold. Officers checked on the woman who was alright.

Officers responded to a medical call with a patient complaining of a hernia. Officers assisted the patient to the ambulance as it arrived and the patient was transported to advanced care.

FRAUD ALERT: A caller received a call from a number that identified as the Sioux Falls FBI Office. The caller answered the phone and a man with an accent claimed there was a warrant for his arrest and he would transfer him to another office to clear up the warrant. The caller knew this was a fraud and hung up. The Fraudsters called back several times trying to intimidate the caller into paying to clear the "warrant" for their arrest. This is a fraud. Many of these call originate outside the US and use a technology to make their phone numbers appear to be legit. Law Enforcement will not call you and expect you to clear up a legal issue over the phone with a payment method.

Caller called from the hospital reporting he had been bitten by a dog while delivering a pizza. The responding officer collected the information and interviewed the involved parties. The officer verified the dogs vaccination records and advised the victim they were up to date. Information was forwarded to Animal Control.

Officers responded to a home where the resident had died. Investigation showed no sign of foul play. Under investigation.

Officers were called to an apartment on Elm St for a domestic assault. Investigation showed a male had pulled a weapon on his girlfriend. The male was arrested.

Officers were called to a residence on E Clark St for a possible domestic. Investigation revealed no assault happened, but a female was arrested for trespassing and a warrant.

Officers stopped a car for speeding on E Clark St. The driver was cited for the offense.

Officers are investigation a report of a sex crime.

While investigating a theft involving two juveniles, the officer found the juveniles mother had a warrant for her arrest out of Mellette County. The juveniles were released to a responsible adult and the mother was arrested on the warrant.

Officer investigated a past tense theft that had occurred at a local business. The theft had been caught on video. Investigation identified the suspect who was charged with the theft.

Officers were called to a residence for a possible domestic situation. No domestic assault had occurred, but one resident was arrested for a warrant.

An officer stopped a car on E Cherry St because he was advised the driver did not have a license. The driver's information was checked and confirmed he was an unlicensed driver. He was cited for the offense.

Officers were called to a house on E Cherry St for woman who had fainted. The woman denied needing medical help. While there officers found illegal drugs and arrested the male who claimed ownership of them.